Tuesday, May 8, 2018

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Hello!!! Anybody still out there?

Dear World: I’m not dead in case you were wondering. Here’s the story:

1.       My headaches finally became tolerable
a.       I could live my life
b.       I still take a bunch of drugs that make sleepy
2.       I decided to go back to college.
a.       I am studying Library and Information Science
b.       Last spring, I ran into an old beau of mine.
                                                                i.      The one I could never get out of my head.
                                                              ii.      Still can’t
3.       I left my Husband
a.       Husband went off the deep end
                                                                i.      Husband had to go to rehab
                                                              ii.      Husband held my sewing room hostage.
4.                4.      I moved in with the Guy.
a.       Living with the Guy was exhilarating, when the Guy was being nice.
                                                                i.      I cleaned and organized the Guy’s apartment.
                                                              ii.      I was out of the box in the suburbs and back in the city where I belong.
                                                             iii.      I was on the 10th floor, looking out over the metropolis
                                                              iv.      I had a free parking spot right in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts,              opposite the Main Branch of The Detroit Public Library.
5.       Einstein (the Husband) screws my sewing room door shut, from the inside!
a.       I call the cops, they break the down the door
b.     Locks get changed, three times.
                                                                i.      Husband and his ex-wife (Perra Gorda con boca grande) tear apart my sewing room
                                                              ii.      My machines end up in Perra Gorda’s possession.
6.       Over the summer I must balance
a.        Classes
b.       The Husband
                                                                i.      Not paying bills
                                                              ii.      Binging and developing Afib
c.       The Guy
                                                                i.      He’s neurotic and must have things a certain way.
                                                              ii.      I’m chronically organized and must have things the correct way.
                                                             iii.      He says mean things to me.
                                                             iv.      I cry at the drop of a hat (residue from the stroke)
7.       Custody of the sewing room is resolved
a.       I buy a new sewing table for the apartment
b.       I figure I can use the table in the laundry room for cutting.
c.       I brought an IKEA bag of yarn to the apartment and the Guy was visibly shaken
8.       Finally, the guy says he really doesn’t want the sewing stuff there.
a.       Guy suggests I could put sewing stuff in storage
b.       I suggest he can put his golf clubs there too.
9.       I conclude he can’t handle me being there all the time either.
a.        I’m using too much of his real estate
b.        He’s just not able to live with another person.
10.   I put my tail between my legs move back to the house
a.       Husband is happy.
b.       Guy is all tears and regrets.
11.   On the 14th, I will start my 4th term.
a.       I’m one of those people who always loved school.
b.       The saddest day of the year was always the last day of school.
c.       I have a 4.0 GPA

12.   I have not had much time for sewing, but I do think about it a lot. During my one week break I plan on:
a.       Drafting and sewing a woven t-shirt
b.       Sewing some bike shorts
c.       Doing some artwork
d.       Doing some yardwork
e.       Making some jewelry
f.        Keeping in touch
13.   Its been quite a year
a.       I have had periods of deep sadness and stony determination
b.       I’m bound and determined to be bound and determined!
c.       I’ve become very proficient in Word writing all those papers.
d.       I’m going to finally learn to type this summer.
e.       I got a little dog.
                                                                i.      His name is Jesse Owens
                                                              ii.      He’s chuweenie (half Chihuahua, half Dachshund)
                                                             iii.      I love him!
f.        I turned 55 last summer and became a blond
g.       I’m learning Spanish and dream of living some place that’s always warm.

Hablo lluego.

Thursday, April 13, 2017

Brown and White

This is my final, for now, version of Butterick 6328. It began its life as a shower curtain and it has attained so much more. I've always liked brown and white together since I was a little girl.

When I was 10, I was wearing my favorite jumper, it was brown and white, when I broke my arm. It was a nasty, gnarly compound fracture. The jumper had big white buttons on the shoulders they could've easily unbuttoned to take it off but instead they cut it off. I was so sad because loved it so much. I guess the doctors knew what they were doing but I've never gotten over it. Not that it would still fit or anything.

I spent an entire month in the hospital and had the time of my life. My own TV, I got to pick out my own food, brothers and sisters not allowed to visit, my uncle Pete brought me chewing gum and books. The only drawbacks were the traction and the bedpan. But I thought it was really fun to be away from home.

Tuesday, April 11, 2017

New Suit

Dear readers, his cardigan is my last go around, for now, with Simplicity 2474. I made my favorite TNT skirt to go with Butterick 5539. I bought this fabric several years ago at Fields in Grand Rapids and it has aged quite nicely in my horde.

I've got lots of new things to show you and hope to have time to post them all before the weekend.

It seems to finally be spring here in Michigan! I hope it's as beautiful wherever you are as it is here right now. See you soon.

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

CCC meeting

 Welcome CCC members to my new blog home. My old address was roomforsewing.blogspot.com
 I will be posting fresh stuff here later this week. It was nice to see you all.

 Happy Birthday, Diana!!!